*Some of the terms below can have multiple meanings. The definitions given reflect the majority of uses.

lit (adj.) – awesome or super fun and is often used in conjunction with our next word

fam (n.) – group of friends or people that you are close to

tbh (phrase.) – abbreviation meaning to be honest

YAS! (exclamation.) – a phrase you exclaim when you really approve of or are excited about something // can be emphasized by adding extra “a” in the middle. For example, “YAAAAAS!”

V. (adv.) – abbreviation for the word “very”

#ootd (phrase.) – abbreviation for the outfit of the day usually found on fashion blogs or social media accounts

woke (adj.) – to be aware of cultural events

extra (adj.) – to be excessive or over the top

shade (v.) – to show disrespect for someone // keep in mind, the phrase appropriate to use is often to “throw shade” at someone

bougie (adj.) – extravagant, classy, high-dollar

low key (adj.) – to keep something discreet

salty (adj.) – frustrated or upset

savage (n.) or (v.) – for someone to be or for someone to do something without remorse, regard or fear. To be ruthless.

GOAT (adj.) – abbreviation meaning greatest of all time

We can’t promise you that you will sound cool using the above language when talking to members of Gen Z (aka your son or daughter and his or her friends).  

What we can promise you is that even with a totally different language and a few years in between, you have much to offer Gen Z and we have a ton to learn from them.

Simply seek to understand, be present and be yourself. Above any trend, these three things will always be meaningful and always be relevant.

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