Who is Gen Z? How do they differ from the Millennials and other generations? What kinds of questions are they asking about God, happiness, and the biggest questions of life? What do they think about topics like science, faith, and church? What is life like for a young Christian in 2018? Are Gen Z Christian prepared to follow Jesus in a post-everything world? And if not, how should we go about getting them prepared?

In this episode of the Impact 360 Institute podcast, Nikki Gentry and Jonathan Morrow introduce you to Gen Z, the generation following the Millennials, or the “next, next generation.” For the past year and a half, Impact 360 Institute and the Barna Group have been studying this generation, seeking to understand the worldview of Gen Z, and thinking through how to prepare them to follow Jesus in today’s culture. Now this research has been published in a new and exciting full color report, and Jonathan and Nikki give you an inside look into what it says.

So how does the worldview of Gen Z differ from other generations? For starters, the percentage of people with a “biblical worldview” has been declining with each generation. When Barna began studying the Boomers, about 10% had a biblical worldview. Gen X decreases to 7%, and the Millennials decrease to 6%. But now at Gen Z, it seems that number is at all an all-time low, where only 4% of Gen Z have a biblical worldview.

So what should we do? With that number in mind, isn’t it easy to get discouraged? In this episode of the podcast, learn why at Impact 360 Institute we feel hopeful and excited for Gen Z. Gen Z wants answers to life’s biggest questions, and we believe that the biblical worldview gives them those answers, and the best way to live. Get the new report and more at whoisgenz.com, and join us as we cultivate leaders who follow Jesus in the next generation.

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