Learn to share your faith and live with boldness

Sharing our faith as Jesus followers should be second nature. But this isn't the case. Sharing your faith, and living as a disciple of Jesus isn't easy. Become equipped to share your faith, and learn how to make it a part of your every-day experience. At Propel, you are given the tools to start meaningful conversations that can lead others to truth.

Program Features

1- "Know": The Foundation- Why Christianity is True
We have good reasons to believe Christianity is actually true, and Jesus is really God. Spend one week learning a ton about what you believe and how to articulate the "why" behind it. Learn how to share our faith in a question and conversation driven approach. We do this through worldview, leadership, and apologetics training.
2- "Be": Reconnect with God, Yourself, and Others
Totally unplug from your phone for a week- yes this seems daunting, but it's a game-changer. Learn what it looks like to build solid and lasting relationships with God and others. Practice prayer and . We do this by helping you start developing spiritual rhythms in your life.
3- "Live": Launch into Influence
Learn to live more like Jesus by knowing your mission & loving others at the same time. Build more confidence by practicing leading and being led. Realize that you have so much to contribute. Learn how to lead yourself well & how to lead others well.


A one-week leadership and discipleship experience for teenagers.