Live with Boldness

Impact 360 Propel is a one-week experience designed to strengthen the faith of high school students and propel them into a vibrant, Christ-centered life. Our goal is for each student is to know Jesus more deeply, to be transformed in their character, and to live with Spirit-empowered influence. Propel students become more confident and clear in knowing and articulating the central claims of Christianity, and gain a vision of what it looks like to become an effective disciple in today's world.

Program Features

Why Christianity is True
In a world where truth is up for grabs, it's more important than ever to know the reasons why you believe. At Impact 360, we train the next generation to have a faith that is not blind. We have good reasons to believe Christianity is actually true, and Jesus is really God. Spend one week learning how to articulate the good reasons to follow Jesus.
Connect with God, Yourself, and Others
Experience what it looks like to build solid and lasting relationships with God and others. Start developing healthy spiritual rhythms in your life. Engage in life-giving small group discussions with other students who take their faith seriously.
Launch into Influence
Learn to live more like Jesus by knowing your mission & loving others at the same time. Build more confidence by practicing leading and being led. Realize that you have so much to contribute. Learn how to lead yourself well & how to lead others well. Learn how to share our faith in a question and conversation driven approach.

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A one-week leadership and discipleship experience for teenagers.