On-Campus Experiences

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1 week
A one-week transformational leadership and discipleship experience for high school students where they will be grounded in a biblical worldview as they learn how to follow Jesus, have godly influence, disciple their peers, and boldly live out their Christian faith in their daily lives.
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2 weeks
A two-week transformational worldview and apologetics experience for high school students where they will learn what they believe, why they believe it, and how to navigate a post-Christian culture as followers of Jesus.
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9 months
A nine-month Christ-centered gap year experience where students will cultivate a deep faith rooted in a biblical worldview as disciples of Jesus through a unique combination of experiential learning, dynamic teaching, vibrant community, domestic and international travel, and leadership training.
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2 years
Impact 360 Residency equips a small cohort of leaders to live, learn, and grow with us for two years. These leaders launch into their calling with a Master of Arts in Leadership, a deepened biblical worldview, a foundation of servant leadership, and a heart to serve, no matter their specific calling.
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What Christian Leaders are Saying:
What Christian Leaders are Saying:

" I have never seen an organization do such a good job of nurturing and training and developing solid Christian disciples as Impact 360. From the facilities, the excellent training of their faculty, to the young men and women that mentor and disciple the students, Impact 360 has it all."

J.P. Moreland
J.P. Moreland, distinguished professor of philosophy at Talbot School of Theology, author of “Love Your God With All Your Mind,” and more

I can't think of anything better between high school and the college years than to set aside time to discover God, explore the world and fine-tune your vision for the rest of your life. That's what Impact 360 is all about, combining great teaching with practical experience preparing your role in God's amazing story.

Louie Giglio
Pastor, Passion City Church, Passion Conferences, sixsteps records

"It is no longer someone else's job to worry about the next generation and what kind of leaders they will be. It is our responsibility as Christian leaders to work to produce young people who are grounded in Truth and who are willing to influence the world by living Christ-focused lives. Impact 360 offers a program designed to meet this challenge, and believe me, the next generation of leaders will be better because of it."

Josh McDowell
Apologist and Author of “Evidence That Demands a Verdict,” and more

Anyone can possess knowledge, but leaders are those who have been inspired to use what they know to do great things. Our world is in desperate need of the next-generation of Christian leaders that Impact 360 Institute trains both inside and outside of the classroom. If you are a young leader who desires to leverage your service to help the world come to know and experience Jesus, then Impact 360 Institute is the right place for you.

Dan T. Cathy
Chairman, Chick-fil-A


Equipping you for every day influence
The Toxic War on Masculinity
To Be a Woman
Why Free Speech Matters for Everyone
Should You Get Rid Of Your Smart Phone?
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Impact 360 Institute Partners with Connect Ministries to Launch New Residency Program
Impact 360 Institute is thrilled to announce an innovative partnership with Connect Ministries, which brings forth an unparalleled educational and transformative experience for aspiring faith-filled leaders in ministry and the marketplace.   The Master of Arts in Leadership program, an exclusive offering of North Greenville University in partnership with Impact 360 Institute, epitomizes the convergence of...
The Impact 360 Fellows Application is LIVE
Discipleship lies at the heart of the Impact 360 Fellows program. It is designed to be a transformative journey where young Christians are not only taught about their faith but also given practical opportunities to apply and live it out. The program goes beyond mere academic knowledge and seeks to foster a deep, personal relationship...
To Be a Woman
 What Is a Woman? In a world where gender confusion is not just growing, it’s exploding, it is imperative that we thoughtfully and intentionally seek truth. In this episode, Jonathan Morrow interviews Dr. Katie McCoy about how to navigate the Transgender revolution in our culture right now with grace and truth. What is Gender...
Why Free Speech Matters for Everyone
The great abolitionist Frederick Douglass once observed, “Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one’s thoughts and opinions cease to exist. That, of all rights, is the dread of tyrants. It is the right which they first of all strike down. They know its power.” Free speech has the power to reveal the truth,...
Should You Get Rid Of Your Smart Phone?
In this podcast, Jonathan Morrow and the founder of Techless, Chris Kaspar, will thoughtfully explore this important question. What are the implications of social media and smartphone use for everyone? For us personally? For our families? What about teens in particular? What does it look like to submit our devices to the Lord? Is this...
How Can I Engage with My Progressive Christian Friends? | Alisa Childers
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