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Four Surprising New Insights About Gen Z
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Training Gen Z to Share the Gospel with Greg Stier
How Should Christians Engage with Social Media? | Jonathan Morrow
Ten Ways “Grown-up” Christians Can Set a Better Example for Gen Z on Social Media
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5 Surprising Facts About the Worldview of Gen Z
What Good Is Christianity?
Why Does Theology Matter? | Jonathan Morrow
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Why Do We Need to Defend Our Faith? with Josh Chatraw
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How Do You Walk Through Doubt as a Christian? with Alisa Childers
Is Jesus the Only Way to God? | Brett Kunkle
Will Science Disprove God?
Are Christianity and Science at Odds? | Jonathan Morrow
What is Methodological Naturalism? | Fuz Rana
How Should We Engage Different Views of Genesis 1? | Fuz Rana
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What Can Science Teach Us About God? with Melissa Cain Travis
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How Do You Walk Through Doubt as a Christian? with Alisa Childers
Is it OK for Christians to Struggle with Doubt? | Alisa Childers
How We Got Here: A History of Progressive Christianity
What are the Cultural Signs of Progressive Christianity?
How to Recognize Progressive Christianity Through Theology

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Is progressive Christianity “another gospel”? What do we mean when we say “progressive Christianity”, and how is different than historic Christianity? What is deconstruction? Is it the same thing as doubt? How do we think deeply about the true gospel and deal with doubt well? Recently you might have seen terms like “progressive Christianity” or...
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How Should We Engage Conversations About Race?
Conversations about race and racism are abundant in our culture right now. How should Christians engage in these conversations in a way that is Christ-like and productive? In this episode of Impact Answers, Founder and President of The Center for Biblical Unity, Monique Duson, explains how we can have these conversations with humility, grace, and...
Know. Be. Live.
Because all truth is God’s truth we reject the idea that reality is to be carved up into the artificial categories of sacred and secular. As Christ-followers we are called to live every aspect of our lives under God’s authority and for God’s glory. Classical thinkers referred to this as Coram Deo (literally “before the...
Is Christian Faith Just an Accident of Birth? | Brett Kunkle
There’s a popular idea in our culture that faith might just be an “accident of birth.” For example, since I was born in the United States, that’s what explains my Christianity. And if I were born in Saudi Arabia, I’d be a Muslim. But is this a valid objection? Is Christian faith just an “accident...
Who is Jesus?
How would YOU feel if someone said, “I AM GOD”? Well, throughout history, LOTS of people have claimed to be a god. But they lived in cultures that believed in LOTS of gods. And although these gods were more powerful than humans, they had limits. So, for example, when the Roman Emperor claimed to be...
What is Worldview?
A worldview is a web of habit-forming beliefs about the biggest questions of life that helps you make sense of all your experiences. The most important thing to understand here is that everyone has a worldview whether you are Christian, Athiest, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Agnostic. Everyone has a way of viewing the world. Certain assumptions...
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Ten Ways “Grown-up” Christians Can Set a Better Example for Gen Z on Social Media
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5 Surprising Facts About the Worldview of Gen Z
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