The first report in partnership with Barna and Impact 360 Institute, Gen Z Vol 1, was a glimpse into the “next, next” generation. It revealed Gen Z as a generation still under formation but already distinct in their priorities and experience and helped reveal their values, assumptions, and allegiances.

Built upon the discoveries in our first report, Gen Z Vol. 2 is an in-depth exploration of this generation’s emotional lives, their relationship with technology, and their impulses toward and habits of faith.

It’s our hope that this report will be a guide for your ministry and your relationships with Gen Z as you seek to support the students you love.



A new, deeper look into the lives and minds of today’s young people.

In 2016, Barna and Impact 360 Institute joined forces to conduct the first major national study of Gen Z—the generation born between 1999 and 2015.

At that time, even the oldest members of Gen Z were barely 17, and the youngest had just been born.

That’s why Barna and Impact 360 have teamed up once again—to check back in with this developing generation and to drill down on three new areas:

1. Gen Z’s emotional lives

2. Their relationship with technology

3. How they feel about faith and practice it

If you work with 13 to 21 year olds in any capacity…
If you have members of Gen Z in your family…
If you want to know how this generation could reshape the world and the church… 

We strongly encourage you to read this report. 

Inside, you’ll get to know this driven, informed, hopeful-but-skeptical, spiritually open, highly connected, anxious generation. 

Plus you’ll learn strategies for loving and leading this often misunderstood group of young people.