Coming into this year my theme word was faithful, and I have seen God open doors for me to practice this. This semester at Fellows has been full of many different experiences – some of them have been sobering, while some have been extremely empowering!  Here is a glimpse of our experiences the past two weeks.

First up was our experience 2 weeks ago where we partnered with MAVEN, a ministry run by Brett Kunkle, that equips students to share their faith. We traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah, for the purpose of engaging people with different worldviews. One of the highs on the trip was going door to door sharing our faith!

Going door to door was not something I ever saw myself doing, but walking up to each porch I truly felt God’s presence. It was encouraging to see people thinking about their beliefs critically, as well as forcing us to re-establish what we believe and why we believe it. We saw God move in so many days! Even though most of us were nervous about having spiritual conversations with strangers, we all felt God’s presence working in and through us.

Another thing I enjoyed was talking to college students in their school cafeterias. All were very eager to talk about their beliefs, something that many of us were not expecting. Leaving Utah, the Fellows all felt encouraged, as well as burdened to share the gospel.

After our experience in Utah, we jumped right into a sober topic. Meghan Almon from the Life Training Institute shared with us a biblical worldview of how to practically engage our culture regarding abortion. Because every life has meaning, abortion has become one of the gravest conflicts that we, as Christians, will face. I heard many other students say just how moved they were to take action, and to no longer be stagnant. I am learning that I am called to be a Christian of action, one who does not ignore the millions of voices with no say in whether they live or die.

Before settling into a week in the classroom this week, the campus was empty this weekend.  Many of the students traveled home to see their families. We were all looking forward to Fall Break, yet it was hard to be fully on break with so much to process on our hearts and minds. Class 14 is a very geographically diverse class, with students from New Mexico, New York, and many other parts of the United States and several countries. We are all excited to be back and see each other, and can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us the rest of this semester!


– Samuel Graham, for Impact 360 Fellows Class XIV