While the ladies were away, the men would…work? This past Friday morning while the women were on a womanhood retreat, the men of Impact 360 got to partake in cleaning up Pine Mountain. This included painting, digging, and taking down Christmas lights.

Serving in Pine Mountain

Following a nice bagged lunch (provided by the lovely Mrs. Susie) we were taken on a small tour of the town. During the tour we passed an older gentleman who was carving wood outside of an antique shop and I, being interested in knives, decided to take a closer look. Nowadays, older people have a 50/50 chance of either telling you something wise or something crazy, so I asked myself if I was willing to take that risk, and i’m glad I did! He said “Son, you see this knife?” ME: “Yes sir I do.” Gentleman: “40 bucks…and worth every penny. I used to buy 9 dollar knives and the weren’t any good, but ya know…Nothing is cheap. Somebody has do do the hard work or else nothing really gets done.” It took a real life interaction for me to realize something so simple and when I heard that, I was ready to take on the world! or at least the rest of Pine mountain. And that’s what it means to be an Impact MAN! putting on that armor of Christ with a servant’s heart makes anything possible. Soon enough, Ill have a dozen carving knives! Maybe they will even cut the prices!

-Cameron Boyd