It really is incredible how many life-changing experiences can pass in such a short amount of time. Just a couple weeks ago we were driving around Atlanta, GA learning about all about Chick-fil-A’s history from Trudy Cathy White, and now we’ve had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Scott Rae. Not to mention only a few days ago we were able to experience an incredibly life-like poverty simulation through a non-profit humanitarian organization called Circles of Troup County while learning even more from an amazing God-loving woman, Mrs. Sherri Brown. Lastly, just as exciting, if not more so, we hosted another preview day, which entailed a super chill hipster coffeehouse night!

Current students and alumni enjoy the ambience of the hipster coffee night.
Current students and alumni enjoy the ambience of the hipster coffee night.

As I said briefly before we’ve had the great honor of hosting Dr. Scott Rae, who is a professor at Talbot School of Theology, and is also an author and co-author of several books including one we’ve recently read: “Moral Choices: An Introduction to Ethics.” From these past couple of days all of the Impact 360 students, including myself, have come to recognize and enjoy the remarkable man that Dr. Rae is, as he continues to share his vast wisdom and knowledge of ethics, theology, and many other things in class. Just today he challenged us with the moral issue of assisted suicide and the moral issues of taking someone off life support. Speaking of which, what are your views on those things? These things are hard to think about, but still it’s so important that we do! And even here at Impact 360 we’re trying our best to figure out what is right and wrong, and it definitely is not easy! But with great sadness we have to see Dr. Rae off as he returns to California to continue teaching in his own classroom, and more importantly goes home to take care of his wife and two sons.

Touching up on another exciting part of our past week: the poverty simulation that we went through. To start it was through a non-profit humanitarian organization called Circles of Troup County, which is directed by Mrs. Sherri Brown. In the crazy simulation, all of the students, including one of my favorite professors Ed Bort, were given different roles and had to travel around town to make money, pay our taxes, get food, and whatever else an average person may have to go through. I even played the sad and very odd role (for me anyway) of a single 20-year-old woman who had a one-year-old daughter, while she lived with her dad and attended community college. After finishing the simulation Sherri Brown talked to us about the challenges we faced and explained that these are everyday challenges for so many people. It was a great time to gain awareness of so many peoples’ situations so that we can better step out and help those who need help.

Bekah McDonald warms her hands with a cup o' Joe.
Bekah McDonald warms her hands with a cup o’ Joe.

But let’s not forget the wonderful privilege we had of hosting a new group of preview and interview students! Just last Thursday and Friday the students rolled in to get a taste of what the Impact life is like and interview to be part of the incoming class. As always, we had a blast getting to meet new students and families, soaking up the great blessing and opportunity we had to pour into those people with the brief time we had with them. On Thursday night we had a great time with our Hipster Coffeehouse night. Everyone came in their most “hipster” outfits and different groups did all sorts of talent-filled and hilarious acts from singing, reading silly poetry, and crazy skits. All in all we had a wonderful time with the students and loved the time we had to get to know them and pray for them and their future.

Life just continues to chug along here at Impact 360. This weekend the men were in Alabama for our Manhood Retreat. Crazy how fast things keep happening! I can’t believe how blessed we all are to be living out God’s plan for us here in lil’ ol’ Pine Mountain, GA. Stay tuned for all the new happenings here at Impact 360!

Living With Passion for Christ,

Caleb Webb