Fewer people than ever have a biblical worldview in America.

Our new Gen Z research (those born between 1999 and 2015) with the Barna Group confirms what many have suspected for a while–the number of those with a biblical worldview continues to decline.

Only 4 Percent of Gen Z Have a Biblical Worldview

For over twenty years the Barna Group has been tracking the percentage of people that hold to a biblical worldview.

Percentage of Biblical Worldview by Generation

Here is the overview by generation: 10% of Boomers have a biblical worldview. 7% of Gen X have a biblical worldview. 6% of Millennials have a biblical worldview. 4% of Gen Z have a biblical worldview. That’s not an encouraging trend.

Given the prevalence of social media and screens in our society, we are seeing an acceleration of ideas, beliefs, and practices that are out of step with what God has revealed in the Bible. Atheism is on the rise in Gen Z.

Today’s teens are less Christian and more confused about moral and spiritual truth than ever.

Our culture is deeply divided today. But the source of that conflict runs much deeper than just geography, economics, or politics. It has to do with how people are answering the biggest questions of life. Whether they know it or not, everyone has a worldview.

Today’s teens are less Christian and more confused about moral and spiritual truth than ever.

The Questions Worldviews Ask and Answer

Worldviews ask and answer questions like:

  • Does God Exist? (God)
  • How Did Everything Begin? (Origins)
  • What’s Wrong with the World? (Problem)
  • What’s the Ultimate Solution? (Solution)
  • Who Am I? (Identity)
  • Why Am I Here? (Purpose)
  • Am I Living a Good Life? (Morality)
  • What Happens After I Die? (Destiny)

A worldview is a web of habit-forming beliefs about the biggest questions of life that helps you make sense of all your experiences.

How Do We Change This Trend for Gen Z?

We need to emphasizing training. Entertaining teenagers or just making sure students attend church is not producing a confident faith. We can and must do better.

Check out some of the innovative ways we are training teenagers (and having a lot of fun doing it!). We want to be an ally for you in equipping Gen Z with a biblical worldview.

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