In 2020, COVID-19 has given people an unexpected opportunity to think about what it means to be human and valuable, and how to protect the vulnerable. And yet, people are as divided as ever about the issue of abortion. As Christians, how should we think about and articulate the pro-life conversation in our current cultural moment?

Morally speaking, the pro-life issue is simple. The unborn are human, and abortion ends that human life. But abortion is also an issue that touches many others. In our current landscape, abortion touches so many different ideas that it can be difficult and complex to navigate. This week on the podcast, Jonathan sits down with Megan Almon of Life Training Institute to discuss how to articulate and defend the pro-life view in 2020. Join us as we discuss how to avoid an “us vs. them” mentality, the importance of framing things well in conversation, understanding the issue of abortion from a legal and judicial point of view, and how to move forward in a loving way. You can also find our previous conversation with Megan about making the case for life here.

Megan Almon has trained tens of thousands of individuals in the U.S. and abroad to articulate and defend the pro-life view since joining Life Training Institute as a speaker in 2009. As a wife, mom, athlete, artist, avid reader, and teacher, she has a unique perspective that endears her to any audience. Megan was part of the 2002 SEC championship women’s gymnastics team at the University of Georgia. She worked as an award-winning journalist until 2008 and was awarded a Master of Arts degree in Christian Apologetics from Biola University in 2011. Megan and her husband, Tripp, who serves as Director of Programs and Semester with Summit Ministries, have been married since 2003 and have two children, Neely and Rogan. Megan enjoys spending time with her family at their home in Manitou Springs, Co., and is still known to practice handstands in her kitchen. She has served as faculty at Summit Ministries and Impact 360 Institute. You can find out more about Megan and LTI at

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