How do I make the case for the life on the issue of abortion? What do science and philosophy have to say about what it means to be human? Can we really talk about this issue without “imposing morality” on people? Where does the Bible fit into the conversation? Why is it important to clarify the issue when making the case for life?

Many in our culture feel nervous to talk about issues like abortion. On this episode of the podcast, host Jonathan Morrow and Megan Almon of Life Training Institute answer these questions and more as they discuss why it’s important to clarify this issue, and do so with a posture of gentleness and respect.

Megan Almon is a speaker with Life Training Institute, an organization focused on persuasively communicating the pro-life message. Megan speaks nationally on topics including the case for life, Christianity as a worldview, and evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. Megan and many others are guest professors at our Fellows program. Learn more about Impact 360 Fellows here!

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