What does the latest research tell us about how Gen Z is doing as a generation? How is their emotional life? What is their relationship with technology? What do they think about faith and what it looks like to practice it?

Over the past several years, we’ve gotten to work with our friends at Barna researching Gen Z and learning about how to help them think about God and live out their faith with confidence. In this episode of the podcast, Jonathan shares 4 surprising insights from our brand new report Gen Z Vol. 2: Caring for Young Souls and Cultivating Resilience. Listen in as we talk about these new things that we’ve learned about Gen Z including mental health, Gen Z’s relationships to screens and technology, how social media affects them, and more.

For more on Gen Z, pick up the new Gen Z Vol. 2 and register for our FREE online resource Gen Z Lab. The first episode of Season 3 is out now with our friend Sean McDowell!

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