Why do we need to defend our faith? How do we go about defending our faith in the culture that we live in? And when we do, how do we do apologetics “at the cross”? How do we make much of Jesus when defending our faith?

On this episode of the podcast, Jonathan sits down with Dr. Josh Chatraw to discuss his excellent book Apologetics at the Cross: An Introduction for Christian Witness. Josh and Jonathan talk about these important questions and more as they discuss the importance of apologetics, why apologetics is sometimes misunderstood, how to strike the balance between humility and telling the truth, what we can learn about apologetics from the church fathers, the toughest question for Christians to answer today, encouraging trends in the church, and more.

Dr. Josh Chatraw is executive director of the Center for Public Christianity, lead teacher for New City Fellows, and theologian-in-residence at Holy Trinity Anglican Church – all based in Raleigh, NC. His writing and speaking focuses on public theology, apologetics, and culture. He has written and edited several books including, Apologetics at the Cross, Cultural EngagementTruth Matters, Truth in a Culture of Doubt, and the forthcoming Telling a Better Story and The History of Apologetics. You can find out more about Josh and his ministry at newcityfellows.org.