Last week all the students were off for Spring break. Some people spent the break at home, but the majority of people spent it either in Texas, New York, or Florida. Shortly after arriving in the great state, the Texas group went wake boarding, wake surfing, and tubing on Lake Austin. They also had a couple fun adventures caving in Utopia. Meanwhile in Sarasota, the Florida group was out sailing the ocean where they encountered a few close by dolphins. Over the break they also toured the beautiful city of Sarasota and visited the aquarium. At the same time, the New York group (which I happened to be a part of) had road tripped up to Maryland where we spent a few nights resting. However, we did spend a few days visiting monuments and museums in Washington DC. Finally, after a long drive, a brisk walk, and a bus ride, we had made it to New York City! An IMPACT 360 alumna at Kings College was kind enough to arrange us a place to stay with a few of her friends in their apartments. We spent our time touring the city and visiting an array of coffee shops. Sadly, for all the groups, it was now time to come back to the real world where we couldn’t spend each day relaxing without responsibilities. However, I think I speak for most people when I say that being back with everyone once again is well worth it.

Caleb Releford