After getting back from Brazil, I had a surgery done over IE break.  I returned late to campus due to recovery and was limping around and in serious pain.  As a guy who loves physical activity, being handicapped in this way has been a new experience for me, one that I do not particularly enjoy.  I am also known to be quite the do-it-yourself kind of guy where asking for help is usually a last option.  But, here I was Wednesday morning getting ready for class and I could not even put on my socks or shoes because I hurt so much.  Bruce, my roommate gladly helped me out when I humbled myself and asked for help.  After I thanked him, he responded back with “My pleasure, bro.” Going off of that, it has been such a growing experience for me to be able to be in this condition where I have to accept the help of the community. Through this, God has been able to show me the care and willingness to help within others at IMPACT 360.  Whether it has been someone just checking up on me, picking up my pen in class, taking my luggage into my room for me, or even simply showing sympathy by offering to carry me to my room.  Haha!  This past week and a half has been so amazing to grow in despite the pain because I am learning how to accept help from the community around me and humbling my independent pride to admit that “No, I can’t do it on my own.”  I need other people around me to succeed to the maximum because when one of us can’t go on it seems, the rest are there to carry him along.

Alex Payne