Parents and family of Impact 360 students,

The students and staff will depart from Brazil on February 16th and arrive to Atlanta Monday morning, February 17th at 5:52 am.

In light of this significant delay, students will now be on break for the entirety of next week (February 18-22), and we will plan to work the scheduled classes with Dr. Basie on Ethical Systems & Reasoning into evenings or a weekend at some point during the spring semester.

If you have questions, clarifications, or needs that we may be able to assist you with, please or e-mail [email protected], or call us at 706.407.4287.
Return to campus (next Sunday, Feb 23rd)

Campus will open for students to begin returning at 2pm, Sunday, Feb. 23rd.

Students will be required to report to campus by 8pm, Sunday, Feb. 23rd.
Classes will resume as scheduled on Monday February 24th.