After many hours of travel starting Friday, we arrived in Brazil last Saturday so excited we finally made it. Sunday, we enjoyed a church service that was translated for us. After the service, we split into different teams to embark on an Amazing Race to see Brasilia and begin to learn the Brazilian culture

The next two days, we worked together as a team to help a family of a church here in Brazil fix and clean their brick-and-mortar home. We scraped the walls and floors, put mortar in the cracks between the bricks, painted, cleaned. Although it was a lot of work, we were joyful that we got to do so much to bless the family. The owner said she prayed that God would help her in her situation with her home and there we were helping her.

The next day we rested and enjoyed paddleboarding together. During bus rides and long meals, our team of Lifeshapers and Impact 360 Fellows love building relationships with each other. One of our favorite things to do has been learning Portuguese words and phrases. One Fellows student kept a list and some on our team take time to practice Portuguese with her. This helped with the communication with the Brazilians who did not know as much English. Each evening, we did a devotional, worshiped, and prayed together. It is incredible to have people who don’t speak the same language glorify the same God.

The next two days we spent at Atini. This is where get to learn about and help Indigenous Brazilian people. Thursday, we got to learn all about the Indigenous people’s culture. Atini’s goal is to provide a place where the indigenous people can preserve their culture but also a place to protect the disabled babies and children who would otherwise be subject to infanticide.

The greatest things team Farol has learned is joyful service, community, and relationship building between cultures for the glory of God.



by Michaela Halley and Aaron Earls