This week we had Dr. Del Tackett as professor. We were all really excited about having him, especially since so many of us have been impacted by his ministry through The Truth Project. I remember seeing him on campus for the first time on Sunday. He was a bit of a contrast to what I was expecting. I was expecting to meet a serious, business-like man who would look like he could have just come from the White House. But instead I met Dr. Tackett. Casual, friendly and perfectly at home eating pizza and playing ultimate frisbee with a bunch of college students. I was quite pleasantly surprised. We spent Monday through Wednesday talking about everything from truth and overcoming the lies in our life to God’s design for the social order and the creation of labor. We were all engaged. But the learning wasn’t limited to the classroom. I personally got to chat with Dr. Tackett several times either over lunch or when he was just hanging around with the students, and I was left with lots to think on after every conversation. At our fireside chat Monday night, about ten students gathered around and listened to him tell stories of his days working in the White House. It was just a thoroughly intriguing week of learning. I think what impacted me the most about it was how timely the material was. Every day Dr. Tackett spoke it was about something that was extremely relevant to our campus community that day. I was so struck, because even with this man’s many prestigious credentials, there was no way that he could have known just how much we needed to hear what he had to say this specific week. Even the most prepared, the most experienced, the most well learned, even the most well traveled and connected and known are merely jars of clay in the hands of the Father. It is God’s treasure and glory that shines out, and it is He that puts it there. I admire Dr. Tackett so much for so diligently allowing God to use him. But ultimately I am pointed back to praise God for His faithfulness to teach and care and shepherd and use His children.

Carol Anne Ausband Class of 2011