This week, I learned so much.  When we began studying the New Testament, I had no idea we would end up drawing mandalas, listening to music, and spending time at Callaway Gardens, but through this time, I realized the New Testament isn’t just about head knowledge.

While explaining the history of the gospels, Pastor Greg Brown revealed how these books are each unique because of the differences in character of their authors.  God worked through these individuals to accomplish His plan.  And in this purpose, God’s quest for man, He seeks intimacy with His creation.  Much of this week was spent studying emotional intimacy with God, as developed in the Kingdom Triangle, by J.P. Moreland.  Often, we attempt to cut out our emotions in fear that they will rule us.  As a result, we are unable to use them for good.  However, it is only when we don’t control emotions that they go wrong.  In keeping with this idea, we practiced expressing our emotions on paper by creating mandalas.  By the end of the week, class was filled with incredible drawings.

On Wednesday, the group took a trip to Callaway Gardens to spend half an hour alone with God.  We had been given a series of pictures of Jesus crucifixion to meditate on, and many of us used both our mind and emotions in writing poems about what we saw.  It was good to spend time meditating on what God has done for us, and some of the students returned later that evening for a longer stretch of time.

This week was refreshing.  Not only because we were back on campus, but because we learned how to incorporate our emotions into what we do.  I hope we can take this knowledge, and use it during both our individual and corporate devotions.  God calls us to love Him with everything we have… and that includes our hearts.

Madison Cothran
IMPACT 360 Student
Class of 2011