This week the class of IMPACT 360 tackled the issue of bioethics. Before we could discuss the dilemmas that are currently being faced by bioethics, we had to answer the two fundamental questions: What is a human? And what is a human person for? We discovered that a human is a substance that possesses a soul; without this soul, humans could not exist. A human is not the same as an object; it has a deeper purpose.

Once we understood that a human is a substance with a soul, we came to wonder when life begins, when life is indeed over, and what should be the quality of life. These are all questions that must be answered if we are to make a decision on rather or no abortion is actually terminating a life, rather or not people who are pronounced brain dead are completely dead, and is it good for technology to advance so greatly that immortality is possible for humans. None of these can be answered in one week; in fact, this week brought more questions rather than answering them. Nevertheless, part of being good students and a well rounded Christians, we need to tackle this issues and chew over them and seek the answer.

Sarah Babb

Class of 2011