After a long stressful, fun, and busy welcome week at IMPACT 360 the students finally got a chance to sit back and relax. Saturday morning started with a few hours of solitude at Callaway Gardens where the students were able to read their bibles and reflect on their week. After returning back to campus a few students returned to Callaway to enjoy the beautiful beach and a competitive game of put-put. Saturday evening commenced with movie watching and worship sessions on the deck of the Davis house.

On Sunday the students got their first chance to check out all the wonderful local churches. Groups of students piled into cars for fellowship and worship. Many students were able to enjoy lunch with each other after service forming bonds over good food and conversation. As the day wound down many students could be seen around campus studying and preparing for their very first test of the semester. The bonding that took place on this first weekend was an incredible experience and has left the impression on the students that there is much more to come!