IMPACT 360 students recently continued their weekly service learning projects with a block party held in an east Atlanta neighborhood. Working with another Lifeshape ministry, Communities in Transformation, students offered face painting, games, and art projects for local children as well as music and dancing in the streets. They also worked alongside community members to serve lunch to participants.

“We all had different ways to contribute at the block party,” shared student Bruce Ploeser. “It’s another aspect of the community service we do every week, which is a big part of the program.”

As a part of their nine-month curriculum, IMPACT 360 students learn Chick-fil-A’s model of servant leadership and put it into practice each week during community service projects, where they work alongside local churches, ministries, and community organizations. In addition to hosting the block party, students also completed a beautification project in the neighborhood by laying sod.

Through these projects, students seek to model community leadership by service and share in the lives of participants by getting to know them as individuals and showing a genuine interest and care in the vitality of the community.

The block party project was also an opportunity to continue the tradition of serving Atlanta established by Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy, who also inspired the servant leadership model now embodied by every team member of Chick-fil-A and its ministries. IMPACT 360 is a ministry of Lifeshape Foundation, which was founded by John and Trudy Cathy White.

IMPACT 360 is a nine-month program that challenges students to know what they believe and why, to understand God’s calling in their lives, and to develop and foster authentic Christian community. Since 2006, IMPACT 360 has commissioned more than 150 young adults who are motivated to not only affect their campuses with biblical truth but to use their godly example to impact the rest of the world.