Whew, last week was crazy! We had class with Dr. Basie Monday and Tuesday. After class on Tuesday, he assigned a project that was due the next day. We only had 21 hours to do this presentation. You can guess how much sleep we got. Then, Thursday afternoon we had the privilege of learning how to communicate affectively. The course was called Dynamic Communicators and was taught by Scott Stover.

Mr. Stover taught us the different types of speech. You either have an enabling speech or a persuasive speech.  In an enabling speech you make the proposition that

Every                      can                 . He let us make up our own topics, and with our class they got a little crazy. In a persuasive speech makes the proposition that

Every                should                . Again with our group the topic was a little crazy. But we got to talk about good ways to communicate what we were thinking.

Another thing Mr. Stover went through was the S.C.O.R.R.E model. Yes, it’s spelled with two R’s but there is a reason for that. The S stands for subject. In every speech you have to establish a subject. C stands for central theme. O stands for objective. Having an objective forces the speaker to condisder the purpose of the speech. The first R stands for rationale. Building a powerful rationale provides logical foundation for persuasion and encouragement. The second R stands for resources, and having these resources brings light, color, and clarification to the speech. Finally, the E stands for evaluation. Evaluation causes the speaker to ask “Do I know what I am talking about and is it worth my listener’s time?” (all these things came from the handout we were given in class)

I wish I would have known all of this BEFORE our 21 hour presentation. Our group probably would have done a lot better. I mean we already did FANTASTIC cause we’re the best, but there is always room for improvement!

Jessica Darby