Last week Dr. Wingard came on Monday. The students read “God is not Great” which was a challenging read for them as a class because it was very counter what we believe and think. It was difficult to read also because Hitchens the writer seemed to base a lot of arguments on false or skewed facts. However, it was also good because he revealed an important thing- that religion for the sake of religion IS poison. And today many people follow Christianity and other beliefs for the sake of religion, not a relationship with Christ.
Dr. Wingard talked about critical thinking and rhetoric. This was a little more dry than Moreland intense lessons. But very good I think because it helped us get a start on thinking like a philosopher and being able to hopefully argue and peak as a philosopher. we learned about fallacies and slanters and identified them in a book such as god is not Great. Wingard told us to beware of Christian authors that use this too. or that write on mixed thoughts like Hitchens did too. Not to forget to question rather than just accept what we are told.