Discipleship lies at the heart of the Impact 360 Fellows program. It is designed to be a transformative journey where young Christians are not only taught about their faith but also given practical opportunities to apply and live it out. The program goes beyond mere academic knowledge and seeks to foster a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Throughout the program, Fellows engage in intentional discipleship that helps them grow spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally. The emphasis is on holistic development, equipping Fellows to become Christ-centered leaders who are grounded in their faith and passionate about making a difference in the world. 

The discipleship journey begins with the foundational experience of living in an authentic Christian community. Through the TrueFaced week, Fellows explore the dynamics of genuine relationships, learning about gospel-centered identity, grace, forgiveness, and the obstacles to authenticity. This forms the basis for cultivating an environment of grace within the community and beyond. 

The Fellows experience also focuses on growing in biblical knowledge. Fellows dive deep into the Scriptures, gaining a solid understanding of biblical principles, worldview, and the relevance of their faith in today’s culture. The Utah experience, for example, challenges Fellows to apply their biblical worldview and engage in spiritual conversations with people of different beliefs. This hands-on approach enables them to integrate their knowledge into real-life situations and strengthens their confidence in sharing the gospel. 

Furthermore, the experiences around the United States and overseas provide invaluable opportunities for discipleship. By serving alongside local churches and organizations in Brazil, South Africa, and Washington, D.C., Fellows learn the importance of servant leadership and selfless love for others. These cross-cultural experiences broaden their perspective, deepen their empathy, and cultivate a heart for God’s people across the street and across the globe. 

The program also includes specific retreats focused on biblical womanhood and manhood. These retreats provide a safe space for Fellows to explore their unique God-given identities and roles, understanding what it means to live out their faith as men and women in today’s society. Practical teachings and discussions equip them to be ambassadors for Christ in their spheres of influence. 

Central to the discipleship journey is the development of spiritual disciplines and rhythms. Fellows are introduced to various spiritual practices and given guidance on how to incorporate them into their daily lives. This intentional focus on spiritual disciplines cultivates a deeper connection with God, allowing Fellows to walk in step with the Holy Spirit and experience transformation from within. 

Overall, the Impact 360 Fellows program is not just about acquiring knowledge; it is about discipleship and the formation of young Christians who are wholeheartedly committed to following Jesus Christ. Through intentional community, biblical teaching, immersive experiences, and the nurturing of spiritual disciplines, Fellows embark on a transformative discipleship journey that equips them to impact the world with their faith. 

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