One thing I’m always challenged by in talking with interested parents, prospective students, and pastors is what kind of language best describes the kind of education Impact 360 Fellows, Impact 360 Institute’s Gap year delivers.

What DO we deliver?

18 hours of accredited college-level coursework, Biblical worldview education, one-month serving overseas, intensive leadership training, and vocational understanding—all in 9 short months before students head off to their respective four-year institutions.

Our students are getting 18 semester hours of accredited college-level coursework in addition to leadership training at the corporate offices of Chick-fil-A, Inc. Furthermore, they are getting 1:1 and group coaching to help them understand their God-given abilities and how they might use those to discern their direction in life.

The rhetoric of “gap-year” has been used for a number of years by outside-the-box educators who typically are very quick to pick up on what Impact 360 Institute’s Gap Year is trying to accomplish. Princeton University has had its own gap year since 2009, although it has chosen to adopt the nomenclature of a bridge year.

Whatever we want to call this particular “gap” between high school and college, it’s pretty significant that an elite institution is jumping on the bandwagon. Others, such as Harvard, have been encouraging students to pursue a gap year before pursuing a four-year degree. Why? Because doing a worthwhile gap year increases maturity in multiple areas of one’s life, which then contributes to even greater student success during the college years. It seems that we Americans are finally picking up on what the Europeans have been doing for quite some time now.

Fun Facts About Impact 360 Fellows Gap Year

Here are a few fun facts about our program:

  • Guest faculty includes Christian apologists Dr. JP Moreland, Dr. Frank Turek, and many more.
  • All students go on an international “immersion” trip Brazil for a full 30 days
  • All students receive extensive college, career and performance coaching with trained coaches.
  • Our hundreds of alumni have gone on to colleges and graduate schools including Biola University, Wheaton College, Florida State University, University of Pennsylvania, Baylor University, and Hillsong College (Australia). Those who have graduated have pursued their God-given callings in various areas, including media arts, business and finance, social work, and international missions.

Click here to listen to our podcast where Dr. Jonathan Morrow interviews me on the specifics of Impact 360’s Gap Year and why you or a high student you know should take a look.


Gap Year Students In BrazilFellows In Brazil

Impact 360 Fellows is a trusted Christian Gap Year program, with nearly two decades of experience, hundreds of alumni, and a thriving community that continues well after the program concludes. We provide an exceptional experience for the next generation of leaders.