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Because all truth is God’s truth we reject the idea that reality is to be carved up into the artificial categories of sacred and secular. As Christ-followers we are called to live every aspect of our lives under God’s authority and for God’s glory. Classical thinkers referred to this as Coram Deo (literally “before the face of God”). How we think and how we live go together.

As Christ-followers we are called to live every aspect of our lives under God’s authority and for God’s glory. Classical thinkers referred to this as Coram Deo (literally “before the face of God”). How we think and how we live go together.

Because all truth is God’s truth we reject the idea that reality is to be carved up into the artificial categories of sacred and secular. As Christ-followers we are called to live every aspect of our lives under God’s authority and for God’s glory. Classical thinkers referred to this as Coram Deo (literally “before the face of God”). How we think and how we live go together.

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The Fellows Experience

The Fellows experience consists of a holistic learning experience that incorporates both classroom learning and real-life application. During class lectures, Fellows engage with leading Christian scholars and thought leaders on a variety of worldview issues.

Outside the classroom, Fellows will apply what they learn by living in intentional community, serving at various local non-profits, and by supporting missionaries in Brazil during a month-long international experience in January.

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Why Impact 360 Fellows?

Learn to own your faith

Academics at Impact 360 Fellows isn’t about head knowledge, it’s about learning to truly own your faith. Christian faith isn’t meant be blind faith, it’s intended to be active trust is what you have reasonable evidence to believe to be true. Dive deep into faith, theology, ethics and much more. Have exciting and challenging discussions as you unpack what it means to follow Jesus.

Impact 360 Fellows partners with accredited Union University (Jackson, Tennessee) to offer 18 hours of transferable college credit to each student that attends. 

International Immersion Experience

We believe that it is important and powerful for students to have the opportunity to be immersed in a different culture. Traditionally, students spend the month-long international experience serving and learning in Brazil. While abroad, service opportunities include working at youth camps and orphanages, ju-jitsu ministry, volunteering at local churches and schools and staying in host homes. experience a new culture with an international experience. This is also an opportunity for students to implement their worldview training in a culture that believes differently than a biblical worldview.

Leadership Training

Servant Leadership is at the heart of Impact 360 Institute and involved in every aspect of the Fellows Experience. Students receive leadership training at Chick-fil-A Corporate from some of the best businessmen and women and are SERVE leadership certified which is an opportunity normally reserved for Chick-fil-A Operators only. Each student also leads a group of their peers at least once throughout the program in their community groups.


Becoming a servant leader is not an easy task, it requires deep vision and commitment to “your why”. Learn how to live a life of service, and learn why it’s the best way to live. Each Impact 360 Fellow learns how to be a servant leader, but more than just learning, you get a chance to live it out every single day. Learn More

Fellows Course Work

Vision and Values
Fellows will become oriented to the vision and values of Chick-fil-A and the ministries of WinShape and Lifeshape during a day-long tour of significant historical landmarks in the life of the organization.

Calling and Vocation
Discover and explore our identity in Christ in an effort to better understand personal gifting and calling

Biblical Worldview
Fellows will understand the importance of their design as Christ followers, & will demonstrate the essential elements of that design— the recovery of knowledge, the renovation of the soul, & reliance on God’s supernatural power.

Biblical Hermeneutics
Students will gain an understanding of the structure, writing styles, culture, and content of the Bible. This module is designed to equip students with necessary skills to study the Bible.

Biblical Life View
TED-style sessions where we repackage timeless biblical truths in a way that students understand and relate to. Covering topics such as worldview, discipleship, leadership, and service.

Heart of Leadership
Fellows will begin to understand biblical leadership principles that are crucial for any healthy leader. They will develop a picture of leadership, why leaders are different, and that leaders create the future.

Biblical Apologetics
Fellows will learn how to defend the authority and inspiration of the Bible. We will discuss how the Bible came about and why other documents are not included. We will think through difficult passages and wrestle with a foundational aspect of Christianity – The Bible.

Faith, Economics, and Poverty
Fellows will understand the complexities of impoverished cultures as related to the cycle of poverty & will be able to understand sustainable solutions to breaking the cycle. Fellows will discuss issues of global poverty through interaction with community leaders from developing countries, simulated poverty experiences, and classroom instruction on appropriate technologies. Emphasis will be placed on challenging them to think through sustainable approaches to breaking cycles of both economic and spiritual poverty.

God in the Dark
We introduce Fellows to a biblical understanding of doubt and how to think about their faith in such a way that leads to confidence in their even when they doubt.

Biblical Womanhood and Manhood
Fellows will grow in their understanding of what it means to live a biblical life in today’s culture.

Sacred Rhythms
Fellows will spend the academic week in the wilderness, experiencing the wonder and adventure of creation firsthand. In addition to backpacking, camping and rappelling, Fellows will also explore some primary spiritual disciplines through both instruction and practice. Fellows should come away with an understanding of the disciplines and a strategy for implementing them in their personal lives.

Intercultural Studies
Students will begin preparing for the International Immersion with a course on Intercultural Studies focused on learning about God’s heart for the nations.

Worldview I
Fellows will understand the importance of their design as Christ- followers, & will demonstrate the essential elements of that design— the recovery of knowledge, the renovation of the soul, & reliance on God’s supernatural power.

Worldview II- Creation, Fall, Redemption, Restoration
Fellows will have basic theological & philosophical categories to begin thinking critically from a biblical worldview perspective regarding creation, fall, and redemption.

Worldview III- Knowledge of Reality and Reality of Knowledge
Fellows will be able to articulate the priority of ontology over epistemology and the implications of that logical order for a robust biblical worldview

Worldview IV- Dynamic Worldview Survey
Fellows will grow in their understanding and ability to evaluate worldviews that represent an increasingly pluralistic society. Some worldviews Fellows will be exposed to are Christian theism, deism, naturalism, nihilism, existentialism, Eastern pantheistic monism, and New Age philosophies.

Spiritual Formation II – TrueFaced
Fellows will discover what it means to live in authentic Christian community by discussing biblical truth regarding individual identity, common obstacles to authenticity and key concepts such as grace and forgiveness. Fellows should come away from this week with a deeper understanding of community and a renewed desire both to live in and to offer an environment of grace.

Leadership | Kingdom Influence
Fellows will be introduced to the importance of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling in order to be an effective leader.

The Morality of God
The New Atheists characterize the God of the Old Testament as undesirable and unworthy of worship. Are they right? Is God good and worthy to be praised? We will seek to better understand some difficult OT passages and then learn how to address difficult questions that may cause confusion.

Evidence for God’s Existence
Familiarity with and ability to articulate classical and contemporary philosophical & scientific arguments for God’s existence. Fellows will be able to apply these arguments winsomely in a conversational setting

Ethical Systems & Reasoning
Survey major ethical systems and thinkers, including deontology, utilitarianism, situation ethics, virtue ethics and natural law.

Critical Thinking
Introduction to principles of critical thinking & logic and their importance for effecting God-glorifying cultural change.

Problem of Evil & Suffering
Define and demonstrate how the problem of evil is the most powerful argument against Christianity. Survey most popular versions, analyze assumptions and encourage Fellows to think critically in formulating responses.

Introduce Fellows to critically think through ethical issues with a Christian worldview. Some ethical issues we will address are abortion, reproductive technologies, genetics and cloning, and euthanasia.

Faith and Science
Introduce Fellows to naturalism and its implications for truth-bearing scientific projects, arguing for theistic science over against naturalist paradigms. Survey competing models of faith/science integration, with emphasis on an “interactionist” model. Intelligent design theory will be emphasized over against Darwinist/naturalist theory.

Biblical Theology
Most students own a Bible, but few understand how it came to be put together, how we know it is accurate, or how we know that the "right" books are in there. And then there are the issues of forged texts and alleged contradictions. When they encounter challenges on the Discovery Channel, in the classroom or on Youtube, they are often blindsided by the sophisticated challenges regarding a topic that is rarely addressed.

Marriage and Family
Introduce Fellows to critically think through ethical issues with a Christian worldview. Some ethical issues we will address are a Biblical view of sexual relationships, singleness, marriage, transgender, and homosexuality.

Christianity and Culture
How has Christianity influenced culture over the last 2000 years and how are Christians today influenced by the surrounding culture? Students will become aware of the rich history of Christians being salt and light in their culture. We will discuss ways we are currently being influenced by culture and how to whimsically draw culture to a flourishing life.

World Religions: Islam
Introduce Fellows to Muslim culture and beliefs. Discuss differences of belief systems, the importance of understanding Islam in the 21st century, and how to have significant spiritual conversations with people of the Muslim faith.

Culture Making
Introduce Fellows to culturally creative ways of engaging the world. They will utilize acquired tools from the year and think through influential tactics to engage culture in an active and winsome way.


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Trent Wilbanks
Director of Impact 360 Fellows

Trent Wilbanks

B.A. in Church Music and a minor in Business, Mississippi College M.A. in Global Leadership, Fuller Theological Seminary. Trent joined the Impact 360 Institute team in 2008, after serving five years as director at the Lifeshape Foundation's retreat center, The Summit. While there, he led outdoor adventure excursions at WinShape Camps for Girls - a great prep for his future of "Living and Learning" at Gap Year. Before taking on the world of student residential programs, Trent was associate to the music and student ministers at Country Woods Baptist Church in Byram, Mississippi. He has a true heart for students and enjoys "building meaningful relationships with the Gap Year students, and being an encouragement to them in this critical season they have set apart to sharpen their hearts and minds." He and his wife, Joy, live in Pine Mountain, Georgia, with their six children.
Ed Bort
Fellows Senior Associate Director & Faculty Chair
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David Blanchard
Associate Director, Student Learning & Living

David Blanchard

David has spent the past ten years working among college students in the areas of leadership and discipleship. He has a B.S. in Youth Ministry, Family & Culture from Columbia International University, as well as a Minor in Outdoor Recreation and Leadership. David first joined the Impact 360 staff in 2009 as a Student Learning Coordinator. He went on to spend several years living in Brazil, coordinating  teams for Impact 360, and serving as Manager for Brazil Ministries with the Lifeshape Foundation. He began his current role as Associate Director of Student Learning and Living in July, 2018. David lives with his wife, Melva, and their newborn son, Josiah, in Hamilton, GA.
Matt Dee
Instructor, Impact 360 Fellows
Charmaine Porter
Learning Community Coordinator
Chad Rosell
Learning Community Coordinator
Lindsey Aldridge
Service Learning and International Specialist
Sarah Kilgore
Educational Resource Specialist
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Greg Brown
Spiritual Advisor

Greg Brown

B.A. Mercer University M.Div. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary D.Min. Besson Divinity, Samford University
Hannah Depledge
Logistics Specialist
Hannah Purdie
Lead Enrollment Coordinator
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Nikki Gentry Dutton
Enrollment Coordinator

Nikki Gentry Dutton

Hi! My name is Nikki Dutton. I have the privilege of serving Impact 360 Institute as an enrollment coordinator. I graduated from Liberty University in 2014 with a Bachelor's degree in Communication with a minor in Psychology. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Evangelism and Leadership from Wheaton College as a member of the Propel Women Cohort. My favorite things in life are my husband, Scott Dutton, our puppy, Scout, and making new friends. I also love to travel and speak at a variety of conferences, chapels and events (nikkiduttonspeaks.com).
Molly Baker
Enrollment Specialist


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Sean McDowell

Sean McDowell

A very popular speaker and author of numerous books including Apologetics for a New Generation and Understanding Intelligent Design. Sean taught Bible and Christian worldview to high school students for over 10 years before joining the faculty at Biola University.
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Jonathan Morrow
Director of Cultural Engagement

Jonathan Morrow

Jonathan has been equipping students and parents in biblical worldview, apologetics, and culture for 15 years, and is passionate about seeing a new generation build a lasting faith. He holds a Master of Divinity, Master in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, and a Doctorate in Worldview and Culture from Talbot School of Theology. He is the director of cultural engagement at Impact 360 Institute and an adjunct professor of apologetics at Biola University. He is the author of several books, including Welcome to College, Questioning the Bible, and Is God Just a Human Invention? and also contributed to the Apologetics StudyBible for Students. Jonathan and his wife have been married for 16 years and live with their three children near Atlanta. Connect with Jonathan Online I Follow on Twitter.
J.P. Moreland
Dana Bort
Del Tackett
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Dr. Gene C. Fant, Jr.

Dr. Gene C. Fant, Jr.

Dr. Gene Fant and his wife, Lisa, are the proud parents of twins - Ethan and Emily. He currently serves as President of North Greenville University in Tigerville, South Carolina. Previously, Dr. Fant was provost and chief academic officer of Palm Beach Atlantic University, and former executive vice president and dean of faculty at Union University. Dr. Fant holds a certificate in educational management from Harvard University Graduate School of Education. He is a writer who recently published a book entitled “The Liberal Arts: A Student’s Guide,” and occasionally contributes blog posts to the Chronicle of Higher Education and First Things. Dr. Fant is an integral member of the Board of Directors at Impact 360 Institute and says he feels blessed to be a part of what God is doing with the next generation.
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Brett Kunkle

Brett Kunkle

Brett Kunkle is the founder and president of MAVEN, a movement to equip the next generation know truth, pursue goodness and create beauty. He has more than 25 years of experience working with junior high, high school, and college students. He was a youth pastor in Southern California and in the Denver area for 11 years and was the Student Impact Director for Stand to Reason for 14 years. Brett has developed a groundbreaking approach to mission trips, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that immerses participants in real-life engagement in apologetics, theology, worldview and evangelism in Berkeley, California, and Salt Lake City, Utah. In addition, Brett is a Teaching Fellow at the Impact 360 Institute. Brett is an author, contributing to numerous articles and books. He wrote the Ambassadors Guide to Mormonism, was an associate editor for the Apologetics Study Bible for Students and co-authored A Practical Guide to Culture: Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today’s World. He received his Master’s degree in philosophy of religion and ethics from Talbot School of Theology. Brett lives with his wife and kids in Southern California.
Frank Turek
Paul Copan
Victor Claar
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Alan Shlemon

Alan Shlemon

As a national speaker for Stand to Reason, Alan trains Christians to make a thoughtful defense of their faith in the public square (M.A. Biola University).
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J. Warner Wallace

J. Warner Wallace

J. Warner Wallace is a cold-case homicide detective, adjunct professor of apologetics at Biola University, Christian case maker and author. J. Warner was a conscientious and vocal atheist through his undergraduate and graduate work in Design and Architecture (CSULB and UCLA); he always considered himself to be an "evidentialist". His experience in law enforcement only served to strengthen his conviction that truth is tied directly to evidence. But at the age of thirty-five, J. Warner took a serious and expansive look at the evidence for the Christian Worldview and determined that Christianity was demonstrably true. After becoming a Christ follower in 1996, Jim continued to take an evidential approach to truth as he examined the Christian worldview.

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