You probably heard that elder First Daughter is taking a Gap Year before attending Harvard University. The two-sentence White House press release announcing her decision gave no clues to why she chose to put off a 4-year university for a year, but we have some pretty good reasons of our own:

  1. A Gap year is a self-assessment period:  Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? People have been asking this question for centuries, but it hasn’t gotten any easier to answer. Or maybe you’ve heard the more spiritual version, “Do you know what God’s plan is for your life?” It’s okay if you don’t know the answer, because a gap year program like ours gives you time to figure it out before you sign up for a four-year university program and all the financial and emotional commitments that come along with them.
  2. A Gap year gives you a chance to serve: Service to God and others is a great way to learn about yourself and the world. Our students serve our community through service projects, each other on campus through stewardship exercises, and even around the world. Many of our gap year students come out of our program with a clear picture of what they want their lives to look like, and more importantly, what they want it to be in service to. Hear what one student, a part of our very first graduating class, how the program changed his life. But don’t expect to be sitting around waiting for self-realization to happen. Gap year programs like ours will walk you through in-depth personality and strength assessments, give you the chance to exercise your leadership muscles in the real world, and get feedback from experts at building people.
  3. A Gap year gives a broader view of the world: Impact 360 Fellows program sends our students abroad for one month. This international experience is one of the huge reasons that more and more millennial students are choosing gap year programs. Ours won’t just give you a chance to see the world—you will make a real, meaningful impact for Christ in the lives of the local community there while you broaden your horizons.
  4. A Gap year means real-world training opportunities:
    While you’re here, you’ll get tremendous opportunities to learn from some of the best minds in leadership – students earn Servant Leadership certificate from Chick-fil-A Inc., which gives attendees unique access to leadership training. This is the kind of training that won’t just distinguish your future resume from the crowd of job applicants post-college, it will set you up for success while you’re finishing your degree.

You will find challenges to your faith whether you attend college or not, and no matter where you go. But like Malia Obama, we think a gap year program is a great choice for any potential student who wants a better idea of who they are and where they’re going. If that sounds like you, check out our gap year program today.