We have been through a lot of activities throughout our time at IMPACT. One of the main things that sticks out to me though is my experience and the knowledge I have gained from the Guest Professors we have had over the past six weeks. Every Professor we have is different than the last but has just as much to teach us. I can’t think of any other place other than IMPACT that someone would be able to have such knowledgeable and wise teachers every week. I feel like I have gained so many new ideals in my Christian worldview. I continue to grow daily, and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me.

One of my favorite professors so far has been Hule Goddard. We met up with Hule before the Adventure Module and he backpacked with us for five days. Beforehand, I expected him to be a lot different when I heard he was an Anglican Priest. After meeting him though, I noticed how awesome he was for taking out a week of his time to backpack with a bunch of college aged kids. He didn’t treat us like we were any less than him, and something that really amazed me was he took the time after meeting everyone to learn all of our names. It was extremely apparent that Hule was a man of God. Just with the way he talked and the way he paused to admire God’s creation. All of our professors have been amazing with the material they have given us and in the different ways they have challenged us, but Hule Goddard was someone who made an impact in my life and will be someone I remember for a long time.

Adam Story