This past weekend was an opportunity like none other!

We, the great class of 2011, had the opportunity to work with older and wiser IMPACT 360 alumni as we served our community. The alumni service weekend is a really incredible time for the alumni to come down from their schools and jobs to serve us, serve with us, and help us transition to new places in life. What does a typical alumni weekend look like?!

Well, it all started on a lovely Friday evening. The alumni hosted a Q/A session to give our class the chance to ask questions about the transition from IMPACT 360 to college. One thing I enjoyed was getting to talk to the alumni about where God has taken them and how IMPACT 360 had prepared them for their journeys.

One of the bigger focuses of the weekend was the service day we did with the group on Saturday. We split into 3 groups, and the alumni dispersed between the different groups. One group went to a nearby home and rebuilt a staircase, another went to Focus Ministries and helped do yard work, some worked at a woman’s shelter. My group got to work at a woman’s home and do some work on her roof.

My biggest takeaway form the weekend wasn’t really the service, it was the people we served with. I really enjoyed working with the alumni and felt as if our family was more complete. It’s truly a joy to serve with past students and an encouragement to know where God has brought them.

Danae Pratt

Class of 2011