If you’re a Christian parent, then you might have heard the scary statistics about how 50% of American teenage Christians disengage with their faith during the college years. Impact 360 Institute was founded out of the conviction that these students needed to be prepared to know why they believe what they believe, and keep their faith during these years. We know that Christian parents want to send their kids to college prepared with a faith that will last, but how do we do this? Our Director of Cultural Engagement sat down with our friend Alisa Childers of The Alisa Childers Podcast to talk about what you can do to prepare your student to not only survive, but thrive in their faith at college.

In this episode of The Alisa Childers Podcast, you’ll hear Alisa and Jonathan discuss Impact 360 Institute’s programs that are all built to help students build a faith that will last, and prepare them for what’s ahead. All of these programs are designed to get students engaging with big ideas, so that they can get the preparation and training that they need. Additionally, at Impact 360 Institute they’ll be able to practice the things that they’re learning, so that these ideas stick with them for a lifetime of lasting faith.

From practical tips on how to prepare your students for college, to discussing the number one issue that students face today, don’t miss this awesome conversation. For more excellent apologetics and worldview content, subscribe to The Alisa Childers Podcast. To find out more about what you can do to prepare your student with a lasting faith, visit impact360.org and register for the program that’s right for your student.