Everything that’s seen is a result of the unseen. What does it mean to lead with “A Quiet Strength”?

Today on a very special episode of the podcast, we’re talking with Impact 360 Institute cofounder Trudy Cathy White about her new book, A Quiet Strength: The Life and Legacy of Jeanette M. Cathy. In her new book, Trudy tells the story of the real heart and soul of the Cathy family, her mother Jeanette. Join us as we talk about the amazing legacy of Jeanette Cathy, how to leverage your influence from behind the scenes, the importance of building your foundation on biblical principles, why you need to understand your “why”, passing down values to your children, what it means to lead with a quiet strength, and more.

Trudy Cathy White is a native Georgian and the only daughter of Jeanette and S. Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A. She’s an ambassador for the family business and has held various roles within Chick-fil-A, including that of a restaurant operator at just 19 years-old. She and her husband John served as missionaries in Brazil and co-founded Lifeshape and Impact 360 Institute. She served as Director of Winshape Camps for Girls from 2003-2017. She’s a speaker and the author of several books, including Climb Every Mountain and the one we’re talking about today, A Quiet Strength. She’s a dedicated wife, mother of 4, and grandmother of 15. She is fueled by her passion to be intentional with her influence. You can buy the new book and connect with Trudy online at trudycathywhite.com.

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