Does my life have meaning?

This is one of the fundamental questions that every person asks and seeks answers for, even if they don’t realize that they’re seeking answers for that.

You see, our lives have meaning because every single one of us has been made in the image and likeness of God. And because of that, we all have inherent dignity and worth in the eyes of God.

Now, sadly, because of sin, we’ve distorted that image in one way or another. Some of us, we recognize that distortion: it’s called sin. And we put saving faith in Jesus, who covers that sin, restores us, redeems us, and when God looks at us, he sees the righteousness of Jesus.

But others of us, when we’re on the search for meaning, we’ll try to fix that distortion with other things that might feel good for a while, or make us feel better for a while. Whether it’s entertainment or even alcohol or drugs, or all kinds of different things we use to try to give our lives meaning, and purpose and bring happiness. But we’re never going to fully understand the beauty of that meaning until we are reconciled to the God who made us. Because that’s when we’ll be the most happy and have the deepest and most abiding joy is when we’re reconnected with God. And then on that process of being closer and closer to him, having our minds transformed day by day, being made more like him, and that’s where the true meaning is going to come from.

*Above text was transcribed from the video below