Following a long and full first semester, the campus grounds of Impact 360 are once again filled with music, dancing, and much busy Brazil prep. In looking back over our time here so far, there are many mixed emotions of hard and yet productive growth as we have all grown individually and as a community.  As we each step back into our new normal way of life in Pine Mountain, we come with much anticipation and joy to use all that we have learned in our time in Brazil. along with reflection on all, we have learned.

There has been a whirlwind of learning and growth that has taken place, coming to refine our mindsets for the Kingdom and readying us for the challenges college will bring. Although we have bought the first part of our journey to a close, the adventure is just beginning.  Impact 360 was never meant to stay in Pine Mountain, Georgia. We are being equipped to go into the world and with that, we must have the tools to do that well. In bringing the semester to a close, students reflect saying:

 “One thing I’ve been learning at Impact is how to pursue the Lord throughout hard seasons in my life. It’s been amazing to see the tools I’ve been given to create better spiritual disciplines and practices that help me see the Lord in new ways”! – Samuel Graham, Birmingham AL

While in the midst of Prep Week for Brazil at Impact, we have been taught to fix our gaze above to the true reason we are going to Brazil. It is there that the Lord will go before us and continue to equip us as we practice all we have been taught.

As a leadership and discipleship program, a large focus of the curriculum is focused on looking forward with the intention of providing tools for the future in leading and discipling others. We have had the privilege of getting to hear from our very own Ed Bort, Mitch Mask, Jonathan Morrow, and President of Union University, Dub Oliver on practicing leadership.  Along with immersive experiences like Service teams and projects, we as students have been gifted with a unique and safe environment to learn about what it takes to be a successful leader. Often this concept of leadership is misinterpreted as solely a form of taking charge or a form of recognition.  However, a large aspect of leadership found here at Impact is servant leadership. This is often much harder and less recognizable, but an even greater life skill to be knowledgeable in as it comes to reflect the love of God.

“One of the most important aspects of leadership is learning how to lead from the quiet place- from a place that gives opportunity to others to thrive and celebrating that. This is influential leadership- when it is less about you and more about others.”  -Bonnie, Madison MS

When looking at Christ’s example at how he leads, one would find it was more often than not, behind the scenes and always done in love. This is the type of leadership we have found to be counterintuitive to much of today’s society as we are told by the world that the loudest voice and the largest crowed is what defines leadership. However, in following Jesus one finds that leadership is the willingness to stand out and provoke change in whatever platform one is handed.

These tools will be directly applicable to the Brazil trip as we disperse across the country to spread the love that Christ displayed. In this, we are also called to remember all we are doing is not of us but Christ through us. When we are rooted in the Lord and rely on the Holy Spirit, he can do amazing things.  Sometimes this looks like events that are life-changing, and other times leadership is found to make a small and yet just as of an impactful effect on others.

Join us in praying the Brazil teams that will be sent out this week to impact others as leaders and followers of Christ.

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