I am an introvert. I am usually pretty relaxed and sometimes quite boring. I’m not really one for loud or crazy games. That is, until Tripp Trapp.

               The game night at Palavra da Vida is all kinds of crazy. We walked into the gym and we were immediately sorted into two teams. I was on Azul (blue team) and we were playing against Vermelho (red team).  At first, I was sitting in the back just watching people make up cheers in Portuguese. The first game started and I was very confused seeing as the directions were in Portuguese. People were throwing balls at boxes on the ceiling for some reason (I later realized there were levers on the sides of the boxes that we had to hit). Then one of the boxes opened up and cloth squares fell out that we had to Velcro together to make a flag. So I jumped in and helped put it together. It was rather exciting and we even won the game! I was hooked.

               The night continued for hours and included a game with water balloons and parachutes, one that resembled giant human foosball and even one that involved four guys running an obstacle course while all of them were together in one giant pair of pants (that one was hilarious). I had such a blast and I was cheering right alongside the Brazilians and sounding out the cheers not knowing what I was saying. A lot of people here know about as much English as I know Portuguese. That is, almost none. But I now have brothers and sisters here. We work together, have inside jokes and even late night worship sessions. God is doing something amazing here for sure.

-Steven C.