This week, we had Dr. Norman Geisler teach about the difficulties in the Bible. One of the big things that stood out to me what his argument for the fact that all religions cannot be true. He pointed out that there are many opposites in different religions, both opposites cannot be true, so, all religions cannot be true. We talked about how the Bible is true and what many people have trouble believing. I never realized until this week that people find every little thing that they can find in the Bible to give reason that it is not true. Most of the things they pointed out, I have never even thought about, researched or noticed. For example, there are two different passages talking about the same story and they include two different facts. Dr. Geisler pointed out that even though that is there, that doesn’t prove there is a err in the Bible. It shows that there was an err by the person who translated it or a specific translation of the Bible that corrected the facts.

We talked about a few reasons why there was only sixty-six books in the Bible. In relation to the reason why the books that other people add to the Bible are not true and should not be there. 1) God inspired sixty-six books 2) God determined how many books would be in the Bible 3) The people of God had to discover what God determined 4) They (the authors) knew which books were to be in the Bible because they were the only ones that had the fingerprints of God on them.

This past module taught me how much I do not know and how much I still need to research about what I believe. I know a little bit more of what other people are challenging Christians about the Bible. I am so excited to see what else I can discover about the Bible and why it is the inerrant Word of God!

Hannah Grace Anderson

Class of 2011