The sweet taste of cold icees; the stinging pain of a paintball wound; the faint hum of a golf-cart; the pungent smell of gunpowder; the taste of a juicy steak; and the cries of freedom from a brave-hearted man all dictate a well-spent weekend.
The men of IMPACT360 are preparing to embark on the man-hood retreat this Thursday. This retreat, with Greg Brown’s teaching will teach us how to further mold ourselves into the godly men that we are called to be. However, this past weekend has taught us some more practical ways to confirm our masculinity.
The weekend all started with the freedom that was obtained on Thursday when the ladies of IMPACT360 were shuttled off to their womanhood retreat. With the women gone, the men were all that was left to hold up the fort. So like all good fort-holders, we hopped on bikes and rode them to Circle K to quench our thirst with icees of all colors. Later on in the day our fearless leader, Bill Bain led us into a battle of paint. At his fun-park we took up arms against each other and played paintball until the sun-set.
Then the next day we awoke at an early hour, emerging from our caves ready to take on the day’s work. We loaded up into an IMPACT van and made our way to Callaway. There we met with a man who sent us on a top-secret mission. We then hopped into our separate vehicles of operation and drove around Callaway’s roadways and parking-lots, blazing trails with our golf-carts. Using the gps’s built into the carts, we mapped out the areas that Callaway’s rental golf carts were able to be driven. This was to ensure that nobody ran off the trails into places that they were not supposed to be driving. We took a break halfway through the mission and enjoyed Bill’s amazing cooking in the form of sandwiches. After finishing the second half of the mission, we then regrouped at our home base, IMPACT360.
Our next outing was the real deal. We headed out in our personnel carrier (ie, the IMPACT van) and drove to an abandoned lot. We were then met by the man carrying the packages. Once he unveiled them, we set up targets and opened fire….just kidding. We got a great lesson on gun safety and a history about what guns were what and what bullets they fired, etc. THEN we opened fire in a very safe and ordered matter. We fired three different pistols, two were Glocks. We fired a old Mosin Nagant, Russian bolt action rifle. We fired a 12 gauge shotgun, a .22 rifle, a AR-15, and a scoped Remington 30-06 rifle. We had great fun occasionally hitting the targets.
After the gun-smoke had cleared we headed off to the Wilbanks house and cooked us up some grub. We were taught how to grill steaks and stuff mushrooms. After we had filled our bellies we sat down to watch a man strive for the freedom of his country from oppressive tyranny, whatever the cost. This man was William Wallace, the great Scotsman. The movie for all that haven’t seen it, was none other than Braveheart.
Now all that’s left is to learn how to become men at the manhood retreat. Bring it on.