My time at IMPACT 360 has been a proverbial rollercoaster. I have gone from the highest of the highs to the lowest of lows, had nights where I question why I even put myself through this in the first place, and yet still woken up the next morning praising God for all the wonderful (albeit hard) lessons that He’s teaching me. I came into IMPACT 360 thinking that I for the most part, had my life together. Thinking that on a scale of one to awful, I really was one of the better kids. I had never really struggled with much (or so I thought) or committed any absolutely heinous sins. I didn’t even really know what my testimony was. Well, that lasted for virtually all of two months. God has taught me so many lessons this year that were hard to learn, and at the time, very frustrating. He has taught me that the only place to truly find my value and worth is in my status as a redeemed daughter of God. He has shown me areas in my life where I have made idols out of my abilities, my desires and even my friends. He has taught me what it means to let go of something that you feel like you can’t live life without. And He has thrown at me different areas in my life where I am trying to be self sufficient, and prove that I can do it all on my own. Without God’s help. Here at IMPACT 360, we lovingly call that being Frying Panned in the face with Truth!

The Gospel has become real to me this year in ways that I still can’t fully understand. God has demonstrated His love for me using the friends that He has given me, and also that authority that He has put into my life for this year. I am just beginning to comprehend what it means to have a full, personal, invested relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ, instead of just analyzing what He can do for me or running to Him when I have problems. I’m definitely still learning this lesson, but it has been such an incredible experience to watch God not only work in me but the lives of my friends as well. So, even though choosing to come to IMPACT 360 has turned into one of the hardest years of my very short, young adult life, I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I know that God planned for me to come here and do life with these people for nine months, and it is unbelievably exciting to think about how He is going to take all of our different talents and gifts that He has given us, and spread us throughout the world to bring Him even greater glory.

Bethany Stewart
Class of 2012