This past weekend Impact 360 students visited two different refugee camps/apartment complexes in Clarkston, Ga. We spent all day Friday training for the day to follow, learning about the culture of the children we would be interacting with as well as practicing our activities, games, skits, etc., with one another to be best prepared for our day in Clarkston. The day began with registration and games with the kids, followed by dances and games, worship, and a short lesson where we taught the kids the importance of “don’t just believe, trust and receive!”

Personally, Saturday was such a wonderful experience for me being able to interact with the children and love on them, being “little Christ’s” to each and every one of them. Our teams also grew together as a student body while we were serving alongside one another, as well as our personal growth toward our Father. I always feel so close to the Lord when I’m loving & serving His children. I’m always amazed by how much communication can be spread through simple gestures. I couldn’t speak to most of the children I interacted with, yet through laughter, blowing bubbles, playing ball, holding hands, hugging, smiles, etc., we were able to love one another, and love one another well. I felt so full when I left Saturday evening, knowing that all day long I’d been spreading Jesus’ love and being blessed by his love through his children. I can’t put into words how sweet it is to put a freezing child inside my jacket, hold her tight, and pray for her, or to help a little boy eat his hot dog, or teaching two year olds how to blow bubbles. Though many of the children weren’t actually able to hear the lessons we were teaching them, I’m confident that they all felt the love of Christ & that He will be faithful to water the seeds we planted.

We always go into service projects with the intention to serve others, but all of us would agree that we are the ones who were blessed. Our Saturday in Clarkston was well-spent & wholly fulfilling.


Maci McCart