What is evangelism? For a long time, I (Aislinn Bays) was very intimidated by that word. I thought it meant converting others and having hard conversations but now through experiences such as our student-led evangelism day, I know it means so much more. Evangelism is so important because it encompasses the whole interaction, from how I present myself to others, to how I lovingly engage with them, to eventually initiating a gospel conversation. If my life as a believer lacked evangelism, I would not be fulfilling the Great Commission that calls me to go and make disciples and teach others about Christ (Matthew 28:18-20). Evangelism is a lifestyle, not a one-time interaction.  

My experience with our student-led evangelism day was very challenging. I was brokenhearted over seeing hurting people closed off to what I knew could change their lives, but I found that I still grew in my confidence in engaging with others. Evangelism isn’t easy, but if I hadn’t seen the difficult side of it, I wouldn’t have grown in my resilience to continue being faithful in God’s call to share the Good News. I now know what it means to leave a conversation in God’s hands and trust that even if it may not have gone how I had planned. He is still sovereign and can use what I deem as insignificant in more powerful ways than I could ever imagine. 

I learned so much from this experience about how to graciously engage with those I don’t agree with. I interacted with people who held beliefs I didn’t know much about, which gave me the opportunity to slow down, listen, and learn instead of going into the conversation thinking I needed to have all the answers. I learned that showing someone that I care enough to stop and listen can make a deeper impression on them than anything I could ever say.    

Through our student-led evangelism day, I saw God at work in every interaction. Even if some were reluctant to have a gospel conversation, I saw the Lord soften people’s hearts to allow me to pray with them. I met another believer who offered words of encouragement in the middle of my doubts, and I saw my peers around me faithfully and joyfully going out to share the living hope that is Jesus Christ. Every time I share the gospel, I am struck by the incredible power there is in speaking Truth out loud. It is so evident that God is in every word, and I can’t help but be in awe of Him every time!  

 Aislinn Bays
Owensboro, Kentucky