The past few weeks, we have been outside of our normal space, serving in Brazil or Kentucky! As we came back together, it was awesome to hear the way the Lord worked through these two experiences. Last week, we spent a week on immersion break, reflecting and resting from our trips! Audrey Lane says, “I’m excited to be back in the routine of things since we have been apart for so long. I am looking forward to learning new material built on foundational things we learned during the first semester.” Both big and small transitions include change. As this is a different experience for everyone, Davis Fatter says “Being a part of a community that already has a strong relationship, already pursuing Christ has made the transition back to campus much smoother.” As we transition into the start of the second semester, we are being reminded of all the new but also sitting in comfort knowing the God we serve is never changing.  

We started class this week hearing from John White, co-founder and president of Impact 360 Institute. He guided us through the devotional “When God Speaks” over the course of two days. This topic was great to dive into during the week we returned to class. Personally, diving back into the “normal” routine after the intermission trip to Brazil was harder than expected. Since we were immersed in the culture for two weeks rather than four, I was expecting the transition back to happen easily. In reality, this experience was one I have never experienced before. Therefore, transiting home and back to impact had some challenges. With unplugging, serving, and spending quality time with the Lord during the two weeks, my eyes were open to so much. In this, I have been reminded of the Lord’s presence in the most seen and unseen places. This has been sparking conversation throughout all the Fellows this week! 

Monday night, we got together in the classroom for a fun movie night! This was an awesome time for us to hang out together before diving into the week. We filled up the room with blankets, pillows, snacks, and watched The Incredibles! Throughout this week, we have been enjoying the weather with walks to Callaway, stargazing at the lookout spot, and enjoying the sunsets! Reuniting with each other has been such a special time! 

During our Fellows year, we are assigned a team at the beginning of the year called service teams. These teams consist of 6 people who work for two weeks on and two weeks off. We have the same job throughout the first semester, then receive a new job second semester. Service teams include serving meals, beautification, communications, and hosting. We have just reassigned our jobs, and are excited to dive into serving in different areas. Annie Olson says, “Transitioning from hosting to the kitchen, I am excited to see how we work more as a team and as individuals.” We are excited to jump in and learn new ways to serve one another! This week of transiting has prepared us to dive into the next semester with open hands!


 by: Anna-Lauren Smith