After going through all the modules, experiences, and classes we have experienced together at IMPACT, it feels weird for this year to be coming to an end soon. I have seen in myself an exponential amount of growth after the Brazil trip, and I have seen a great change in the depth of our community. It’s easy to just get swept up in the flow of this time of year though. It seems like it is easier to get distracted by college choices, summer jobs, or just thinking about summer. It truly has been a whirlwind of a semester since returning from Brazil and we’re constantly doing something. It’s easy for us to just focus on what is coming up in the future, or a project coming up, that often I find myself not taking time out of my day to truly focus on God. This is why I’m excited for spring break. I get to spend this time with family and friends, and even get to be home on Easter. For others though, they will be scattering out all over from IMPACT, some going to Texas, some going to New York City, and some just going to relax at home. It is highly important for us though to stay focused on what we have been doing this year and to stay open for continued growth over spring break. We need to rest after what we have just been through; I want this to be reflection time for us. We need to just take this time to relax and focus on God and let him show us the paths to take moment by moment instead of just rushing in head first on our own. I grow anxious thinking about after spring break, because we won’t have much longer together after the break. How do we spend those last few weeks? How do we plan for after IMPACT? The truth is, God will show us the path to take, and we need to use this break to focus on God and listen to him, instead of focusing on our busy inconsistent lives. Let’s use this time to trust in the only thing in our lives that is consistent, God.

Adam Story