Last week, we had a guest professor, Hule Goddard, lead us through our spiritual formation module. The first thing we did was go on a sunrise walk where we started out by walking in silence to see and hear God’s creation. Then we did an outdoor exegesis in which we read Psalms 19:1-5 and when the scriptures mentioned something in creation we would stop, look at it, and experience it. Then we did two experiences the first was a river crossing and the second was a lunch passage. In both experiences we had to use an OSV system which stands for Orientation, in which the entire group had to always know what was going on, Safety, where everyone had to be mentally and physically safe, Value, where everyone had to be valued and know they were valued. The river crossing experience was a time-limited experience of an hour where we had to get everyone across the river without getting any clothes wet and by only using resources from the forest, rope provided by the umpires, and the one time use of a canoe. We failed the task but learned many lessons about leadership in the process. During the lunch passage we took about 4 hours trying to complete our goal of getting to the lunch site. We were stopped because we could not pass the OSV system. Many people were frustrated, but the next few days of reflection will provide us with many good lessons about the process. Overall it was a very good day of learning and growing. We thank Hule Goddard for his time, teaching, and challenges that he gave to us.