“Where God guides, He provides” and “The center of God’s will is the safest place to be,” are familiar phrases in Christian circles. It is far too easy to let these words roll off our tongues without giving a second thought to what following God’s will actually looks like.   

Over the past few weeks, Fellows Class 18 has been discussing vocation and calling and how to practically follow God in every area of our lives. Since the majority of our class is considering going to college in August, vocation has been at the forefront of our minds. 

God has gifted every person with a unique set of passions and skills. Our professor, Ed Bort, emphasized the idea that our passions are not just what we like to do. Rather, we should be asking ourselves what problems in the world we want to solve. Identifying our passions and God-given gifts is a large part of following God.  

For most college-aged kids, thinking about a future job is overwhelming. The fear of making the wrong choice can be stifling, but there is a lot of comfort to be found in the fact that God knows our futures and promises good plans for us. Ed Bort also discussed the fact that while money should be a factor when choosing a future job, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor.  A quote from class that stuck with me (Ansley) is, “Sometimes our limitations can be indications of God’s will.”  

One of the main points Ed concluded with was that while God does have a good plan for our lives, this doesn’t mean He is going to give specific revelations about what it is. Oftentimes, living in God’s will means reading the Bible, praying, and taking steps of faith. As Christians, we can have peace that God will direct and redirect our steps. He is in control.  

We are given a purpose bigger than ourselves to live for, and that is a beautiful thing. So many people are living just for the American dream, for the big house and money and retirement. But when they achieve those goals, they find they do not fulfill them in the ways they had anticipated. As Christians, we are called to live for Jesus. A big part of that is fulfilling the Great Commission to go and make disciples. We seek God’s will for our jobs and futures, but no matter where we go, our main priority should be representing Jesus well.  

In class, Ed said, “Don’t doubt in the darkness what God revealed in the light.” That quote struck me because even if God does bring clarity about the future, there are going to be times of darkness. As Christians, we can have confidence in God and His Word.  

While He does not promise ease, we have the comfort of Jesus walking beside us and guiding us. God honors the hearts of people who honestly seek Him and His will. The future is uncertain, but God sees hearts that seek Him and will not leave us alone. 

Ansley McMurry 
Newnan, Georgia