On October 3, our class embarked on a 5 day backpacking trip, formerly called the “adventure module,” in the mountains of Alabama. The trip was labeled the “sacred rhythms module,” which was a new term for many of us. It has been named “Sacred Rhythms” because we practiced the disciplines of solitude, prayer, meditation, and worship. We were told that the trip would be a time to not only grow as a community, but also in our relationship and intimacy with God.

None of us were sure what this spiritual formation would look like other than it would be an excellent time to retreat from the daily routine and to be open to what God had to teach us. This was not only a spiritual challenge but a physical challenge as well. Several students had little to no experience with camping or backpacking. It was clear that every student was challenged and stretched in different ways. Emotions were quite varied on the prospect of sleeping on the ground and going on a diet of freeze-dried food! But by the time we arrived back in Pine Mountain, many of us felt both spiritually refreshed and challenged.

It was truly an awesome opportunity to be immersed in God’s Creation and Word. Our family of 40 was able to laugh together, cry together, pray together, worship together, and most importantly grow together this week. Praise God for the wonderful time of formation and adventure that our class was able to experience.