25 years ago I was born with a twin. We were not twins of blood, but of bond. We didn’t even meet until we were 18 but our lives were headed for the same path. His mother and family were different from mine and we look nothing alike.  But a few years ago, we became best friends and started an awesome journey together. When I decided to run for Student Body President at my college, my best friend walked me through the whole process. When his school was hit with a tornado, I prayed with him nearly every day. When I felt alone in the Baghdad, he reminded me that God was with me. When he decided to leave his illustrious career in the fashion world, I was the crazy friend who encouraged him to do it.

Jonathan and I were born on the same day. We became friends at IMPACT 360 and our lives have never been the same since. In our final day on campus, then director of IMPACT 360 Larry Cox, spoke a few words to the students. He said, “The friends you make in college will be the most important thing you do in the next year.” I wholeheartedly agree. I’m thankful I made my friends at IMPACT 360 because it’s a place where real friendships are made. It’s a place where relationships are forged and the people sharpen each other and challenge each other to do great work for the Kingdom. It’s why I love IMPACT 360.