The Fellows in Brazil are experiencing God’s global family through worship and building new relationships. Hear from three team members who are seeing God at work in a different cultural context than their own. God is using the international immersion month to expand these students’ perspectives and grow their love for His Church. 

During our time here in Brazil, God has revealed himself in universal ways to all people. He is working in the context of individual cultures to form relationships with His people. Although the church here operates very differently than my home church doesit is clear that the same God is behind both. The passion of the Brazilian people is an inspiration and something that I will carry back with me.
–Ace Character 
 Augusta, Georgia 

I have been challenged to be more intentional in opening my heart to God’s voice during worship. The way the LifeShapers in Brazil celebrate and praise is infectious and enthusiastic. It is a true joy to get to know them and be immersed in the vibrant culture. I have experienced the enthusiasm of the Brazilian people for God and His Word both through individual conversations and by listening to the speakers at the Infrequencia conference.  

My favorite thing I’ve experienced so far was the worship during the first night of the Infrequencia conference. All the songs were in Portuguese, so I wasn’t able to understand them perfectly, but the people were worshipping the same God. Knowing this, I could worship right next to them. It was amazing to see how excited the worship band got to worship Jesus! One of the musicians played an electric banjo, and another one jumped backward off the stage while playing a guitar solo! This was one of my favorite nights so far.
— Noah Williams
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

One thing I love about Brazil is how welcoming the culture is. Brazil has a joy and warmness that brightens others’ hearts and welcomes newcomers in. The culture is more relationship based compared to America’s transactional exchangesI’ve learned the power that a smile, a laugh, or a piece of music can have. So far, Brazil has taught me the importance of hosting others well. I have learned how to love others well and be more welcoming. I do this to show them the joy and love I have in Christ. 

A group of us Fellows did a Bible study and read a passage from Luke 18:1-8 in which Jesus tells a parable encouraging believers to pray and not lose heart. We practiced this discipline of prayer and trust in God right before we came to Brazil. One of the Fellows had surgery on his ankle before we left for our trip. We had been praying for a successful surgery, healing, and safe travels for him. He was going to arrive two days late because of the surgery, but there was a complication the night before we left when our friend found that his wound was infected. A few of us rushed him to the emergency room at three am, praying for a quick and smooth recovery. He was allowed to leave the ER, so wpicked up his antibiotics from the pharmacy and got back to the Impact 360 campus at seven am. My friends and I had gotten no sleep, but through prayer and the antibiotics, his leg was well enough to go to Brazil. God was faithful in answering our prayer for our friend to be able to come to Brazil, and while he is limited in his activity, he is still here with us. He has been enjoying the amazing culture of Brazil and participating in the body of Christ.
–Sawyer Shepherd
Franklin, Tennessee