IMPACT 360 is an incredible place where brilliant minds, vibrant community, and stretching spiritual growth merge together. Our first week on campus was anything but normal and mundane. There was never a dull moment! Highlights of the academic week opened with discussing the meaning and implications of vocations with Trent and Ed; followed by an inductive Bible study workshop in the evenings; the SERVE model, providing a different method of leadership; and concluded with fascinating, challenging classroom time with J.P. Moreland, the author of Kingdom Triangle. A couple memorable times of community include a game night with all the baked goods, hammock hangout time, intense games of Ninja (where Alex proved he was the ultimate ninja by winning every round), a shopping excursion, having awesome worship sessions, and, of course, a classy Waffle House dinner. Personally, my spiritual growth this week has been intertwined with the classroom sessions, discussions with fellow classmates, conversations with staff, and personal quiet time. IMPACT 360 is by no means routine, but if this is a “normal” week, I can’t wait for the weeks to come!

Christy Rettig